Structure of an essay: what is

Structure of an essay. What is it? Essay writing has become one of the fundamental part of every student’s academic learning. But many students couldn’t come with a better structure of the essay and lose valuable marks.

Structure of an essay — makes it easy to understand

A good structure also makes the essay more clear and concise and makes it easy to understand. So what should be the structure of an essay? What does the text structure of an essay indicate? If you follow this simple guide on how structure paragraph essay, then you’ll be come to a better understanding about the structure of an essay and your essay writing skills will dramatically increase quickly.

Whether you write an analytical or a narrative essay. Every essay structure is almost the same starting with an introduction followed by the bodies section and the finally the conclusion. The introduction will provide a gist of the argument or the story of the essay. Whereas the body section will defend your argument or add fuel to your story. The conclusion will wrap up your argument.
structure of an essay


Based on the type of the essay you are going to write the introduction may slightly differ. If your essay is based on any persuasive content. Then your introduction will provide an overview of the topic and then slowly build the interests of the reader by providing more and more information along the way until you reach the thesis statement.

For information essays, the introduction begins with providing some information about the topic along with some added information that is going to be described in the body section below. For creative or story type of essays. The structure of the essay will begin with an intro that just provides a very short intro and never revealing the gist of the main story and then quickly taking you to the next section.

Body Section

As the introduction is all about getting the reader know the crux of the matter, the body section is what that provides all the details and supporting content for your essay.

If your essay centers on an argumentative topic. Then your body will serve to defend your thesis by providing certain facts and opinions using information from outside sources and quoting arguments said by others. While for an informative essay. It should be all about facts. As your body section should only be based on facts and not your personal opinions.

In creative essays, the body section is totally different. As it continues the story from the starting to the end including a tone that makes it interesting to read through till the end.


The conclusion is all about wrapping things up by providing the last punch to your essay. With a persuasive essay, the aim of the essay needs to reiterate the major facts about your subject in a confident manner. To show that you are certain about your facts and adds more to your essay. Finally, complete the essay explaining the overall importance of your argument and say why you support it to the core.

Structure of the argumentative essay

In the structure of the argumentative essay, the conclusion part is similar to an argumentative one. As it also deals with the facts and keeping a confident helps the essay to fare better. When revising the overall structure of your essay make sure that overall meaning of the essay stays same and don’t deviate from it at any point of time.

Strutture of the creative essay

In a creative essay, the conclusion part is mainly used for pondering over the information provided in the body paragraphs and to provide the basic significance about your story.

In other ways, you can largely explain about why some occurrences took place in your story that was a huge turning point of your story. How some characters got affected based on that part. This also helps the readers to infer about why that portion was so important for your story.