How to write an essay

How to write an essay? Whether you are school or in college, there is always a requirement then and there to write essays either as part of academic assignment or when entering an essay contest or to write an essay to secure a college admission.

How to write an essay for university and academic essay

Academic essay writing is mostly a dreadful task for many students as they find it overwhelming. Even though writing an essay is a hard task and takes hours of research to complete a quality essay. We’ve provided some tips and suggestions to help you overcome the task of how do you write an essay and also what to write an essay about.

It will apply to all kinds of essays including narrative, persuasive and expository essays. Following the process described below will help you in drafting an essay that is both appealing to the eyes and also with attractive and thoughtful content.
How to write an essay

Choose a topic: how to write an essay

When comes to writing an essay, whether you can provided with a topic by your school or college or will allow you to choose the topic of your interest. If the topic is provided, it is well and good that you don’t need to research a lot on choosing how to write essay on the best topic. But only need to spend time on gathering content for the topic provided. But if you are allowed to choose your own topic, then you need to tread carefully and need to understand the following. On what subject that you need to choose the topic.

Firstly, you need to understand the type of essay that you are going to write, whether you are writing an argumentative, persuasive or a classification essay. And based on the type of essay, you need to select a topic that is unique and different and catches the attention of everyone, only by hearing the topic alone.

How to write an essay outline

To come up with a successful essay… You need to prepare thoroughly by gathering information from various sources to support your argument and organize your thoughts in a way to stay focused on the subject matter concerned. Putting together all the pieces of information gathered into a single piece needs concentration and interest in the subject.

A good outline forms as a strong foundation for your article. You can either choose to write down the outline for your essay or just come up with a diagram of the structure of your article. To put down your ideas in paper. Just write the topic in the middle of a paper and draw 3-5 branches from the main topic. At the end of each branch jot down your ideas for the topic.

You can draw as many lines you need based on the number of ideas you may think of. Now try to filter the important ideas and write separately in a paper leaving space between each idea. And below each idea you can write some sub-ideas that relate to the main idea. So with this approach you can be able to come up with a broad outline of the essay concerned.

Your thesis statement

So now you have you put your ideas together and it is time to come up with your thesis statement, one of the important aspect of your essay. The thesis statement defines the purpose of your essay in 2-3 sentences. It provides the basic idea behind your essay to your reader. Every thesis statement consists of two parts, namely the topic followed by the ultimate point of the essay. Say for example, if you are writing about the role of George Bush in the Saudi War… The statement should be like “George Bush – His Role in the middle east”

The Body Section

The body section is the heart of your essay which provides the finer details of your subject. It is the section that provides arguments, explanations, descriptions and necessary references to your essay. It is in fact a detailed explanation of all the main ideas that you’ve come up in your essay outline. If you have filtered out the main ideas in your essay outline, then compiling the body section is pretty much. Easy as you just need to go in detail on all your main ideas. Each main idea will be formed as a separate section in your body section.Conclusion

The conclusion part is the one that provides the finishing touch to your essay and this is where you sum up all your ideas together and provide the user about the basic idea behind your essay and how you’ve provided finer details to your subject. Make sure to review your article atleast 2-3 times to look for structural, grammatical and spelling errors and correct those wherever needed. Your essay is not complete until it is thoroughly reviewed, edited and reviewed again. With these tips and suggestion, don’t think you’ll ponder over these questions like how to write an essay fast or how long does it take to write an essay or how to write an essay fast etc.