Features of essay writing

Features of essay writing. Say if you are looking for a present in a mall or a gift store, the first thing you look is how the present is made and whether it looks appealing to your eyes as you don’t want to buy a present that is messy with threads hanging all around. You’ll only reach to the one that are pretty and attractive. And this is what goes with your essay too. As the first thing your professor looks for is how the essay is presented, no matter a captivating content and topic is provided.

Features of essay writing: Presentation and Format

It is the presentation that forms the stylistic features of essays and format that matters the most and the first thing that strikes in your professor’s eyes and if it is not up to the mark, then they won’t go the distance to read the entire content and will provide you lower grades instantly.

By presentation and format it means, you need to maintain the following:

  1. Same font throughout the article.
  2. Content in small paras (maybe 5-7 lines per para).
  3. Uniform spacing and alignment.
  4. Bullet points wherever needed.
  5. Uniform formatting.
  6. Use Bold letters wherever necessary (for topic titles, sub-topic titles etc.).
  7. References & citations in Italic.

features of essay writing


The heart of your essay is your content and you need to take care of the content your write in your essay. The content depends on the topic you choose. And depends ot the amount of research you’ve put in to gather information that supports your argument. Make sure to provide valid references to sources then and there to add more strength to your content. Have a plan on how to organize your content and how to fit the pieces of content together to form an essay that is expressive, captivating and appealing. Also, keep in mind only original content that gets your essay good grades and not content that is copied from other sites. Plagiarism is not at all entertained by any school or university and if found your essay will be rejected right away.


A normal essay becomes an outstanding one if the structure is good and has logic in it. Keep in mind that the thoughts that you transmit to the reader needs to clear and precise, that it is understood easily by the reader. A well-planned outline will help you in structuring your content easily. Make sure to have a uniform structure throughout the article.


The conclusion is the part that delivers the final punch to your argument. This is where you summarize all your thoughts and provide the reader with idea behind the article.