Errors in writing essays

Errors in writing essays. You can find a lot of articles, tips and suggestions on how to write an essay from writing a great introduction to coming up with a detailed body sections and providing the final punch in the conclusion section. But you may still find it difficult to submit it fearing that you may have any errors or mistakes which may lower your grade down.

errors in writing essays

“To write is human, to edit is divine. Stephen King”

It is 100% correct that coming with an essay is not so tough. But the biggest part in making your essay perfect is by reviewing, editing and correcting any mistakes that you couldn’t find while writing the essay. You can have all kinds of errors like common errors in writing essays or common grammar errors in writing essays or even punctuation errors in essay writing. So let’s find out the causes of errors in writing English essays and try to find out some solutions for them.

Too Many Topics

Essays should always have a clear and concise structure. Having many topics in your essay will irritate your readers and defeat the main purpose of your thesis statement to a great extent. Also, your topics need to be relevant to the main subject you’ve taken. Take for example, when you are asked about your dream vacation… You can’ talk about your dream job or your favorite sport etc. You need to talk only about the relevant subject and narrow it down to the exact content required.

So to make sure that you provide content that is relevant. You need to understand the main topic of the essay and the major requirements of it. Is your essay is an argumentative, classification or a persuasive essay and build content based on that.

Inadequate Evidence

You are stating a fact. Then it has to be properly supported by a strong evidence. Or else your reader may not totally agree over the fact that you are stating. You can’t say that your bike is the best in your school without telling why your bike is best and what makes it to stand apart from the rest.

Instead of talking large about their achievements and greatness of the people you speak of highly. Try to come up with some examples or information or any saying from a popular person that everyone knows or any information from scholastic documents.

Now take a look at this sentence. “Besides from her beasty look and shiny paint color, my bike has the highest mileage and pick-up speed than any other bikes in my school. It is also the costliest bike in my entire school”. So instead of just referring your bike as the best. You also provide arguments that supports your point.

Passive Sentences

Another common mistakes made by students is using passive sentences in the wrong places. So it is always better to use active voice mostly than using a passive sentence.

Take for example. “The book Da Vinci Code was written by Dan Brown and the active voice that is suggested is by using like this “Dan Brown wrote the book Da Vinci Code”.

Errors in writing essays: Plagiarism

Students have become so lazy today that they not even look at the topic of their assignment. But rely heavily on the essay writing services. It is accepted to provide citations from famous personalities or provide paraphrasing sentences from famous books. But students in a hurry tend to copy and paste information from other website. With the advent of many plagiarism checking tools now, personnel at your school or college can easily detect whether your essay is plagiarized or not and can totally reject your essay. A brief error analysis in writing essay can also help you detect most of the common errors in writing essays and to detect the sources of errors in writing English essays.