Сlassification essay

What is classification essay?

A type of essay writing where it involves organizing or sorting things into categories and provide needed examples that relate to each category. Say for example, if you are writing about online games, you can classify the games into different categories including sports games, arcade games, shooting games, racing games and provide examples of games for each category.

How can write classification essay?

You can come up with a great classification essay, if you just follow these three basic principles:

  • Sort out carefully to categorize things properly
  • Make sure that your categorization follows a single organizing principle
  • Provide suitable examples for each category

Determine categories:

When sorting things to determine categories, you need to be careful in not leaving out any important essay will be incomplete, as snorkeling is one of the most popular sports game in Hawaii. Also, don’t include many categories to make your essay dull and boring. For example if your essay is about sports hoes, the there is no point in providing different classification for high heels running shoes and high heels sports shoes.

Have a single principle:

Once the categories are all set, make sure that those categories all follow the same principle as it only determines how the categories are sorted out. And don’t mix another principle amidst your major principle, which may confuse the readers to a great extent. Say for example, if your single principle is based on “tourist attractions in Maldives”, then don’t use another principle like “best hotels in Maldives”, which can have different categories like “budget hotels”, luxury hotels” etc.

Provide Supporting Examples:

A general rule in a classification essay for providing examples is that you need to provide the same amount of examples for each category. May be the most important category may have a more detailed explanation, but the no. of examples need to be the same for all categories.
classification essay

How to Find Categories

One of the key steps in a classification essay is to classify things to find the best categories that supports your topic. For example, if your topic is about the best way to get around a tourist place, you can classify them into like by getting around in a bus, by getting around in a taxi or by getting around in a train or just hiring a car and driving around on your own.

Classification essay topics

It is pretty simple to find a classification essay topic. Let’s see some examples which may shed some light on how to create a topic for your classification essay:

  • Best Sports Car in the US
  • Classification of Tourist Countries in Europe
  • Best TV Shows in the US
  • Dangerous Water-borne diseases
  • Best Theme Parks in the US

Like that you can go on classifying things, but choose a topic that you are most familiar, so that you can gather more information on that easily.

Classification essay introduction

The introduction is a major part of your classification essay as the thesis of your essay comes in your introduction, which provides the reader about the basic idea of your essay. It is extremely important that the thesis states that the type of essay you are writing is a classification essay, so it provides the key idea behind the essay to the readers.

Classification essay outline

The outline of a classification is normally developed around the categories identified. The basic outline of a classification essay provides a gist about the whole essay. Say for example, if your essay topic is about “Teaching staff at Primary schools”, then the outline will be like “Their attitude towards the students”.

Classification essay Structure

The structure of a classification essay is built around the construction of the categories. The structure includes:

  • The Topic
  • The Outline
  • Category 1
  • Category 2
  • Category 3
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3


The Topic

The Topic is the most important part of your classification essay as it reveals what your essay is all about in 5-10 words.

The Outline

It is a basic part of every essay that provides the intro to your essay and provides what the essay is going to deal about in a simple easy to read sentence. This is also called as the thesis statement as it substantiates the categories chosen for this classification. A thesis statement can has a specific logical structure basically like:

{theme of the essay} – {classification} – {category 1} {category 2] and so on…

For example: Overseas students can have 3 benefits like experience, culture and education


The body section deals with each and every category and provides a detailed description about the categories. The categories are lined based on the least important category on top and the most important category on the bottom.


The conclusion is the summarization of your classification essay and provides a last punch to your thesis statement.