Writing an essay for university application

When applying to a college, you can’t avoid the part where you have to writing an essay for university application. It is actually a very responsible step that determines whether you will be accepted to the desired university.

Things to know about writing an essay for university application

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How to write an impressive university admission essay

First of all, you have to examine the list of topics provided by the university and figure out which one would highlight your strengths and the best shades of your personality. The topic has to seem friendly to you and serve your ultimate purpose, which is to impress the admission officers and make them like you. Taking this into consideration, we divided our tips into things that you should do when writing the university application essay and those that you should avoid doing. Here is what you should not do:

  1. Don’t focus on general issues or global matters. Being too general will distract you from telling important information and will make your essay boring.
  2. Don’t try to dive too deep or discuss too many topics all at once. This is one one the reasons why some students get lost in their own thoughts and make it hard for the reader to follow their ideas.
  3. Don’t just state the facts, especially when these facts are already obvious. The truth is, nobody is even interested in most of the facts you are willing to provide. As a rule, admission officers pay attention to the way you provide the facts before understanding their actual meaning.
  4. Don’t repeat after someone else. While it is good to read well-written university admission essays of other candidates just to get some inspiration, it will not serve you if you lose your own voice chasing after someone else’s thoughts.
  5. Don’t submit your essay before you proofread it several times, edit appropriately and before you make sure it is absolutely perfect.

writing an essay for university application

Things to do when writing an essay for university application

Now you know what to avoid when writing your application paper. Let us tell you some things that you definitely should do:

  1. Keep focused on yourself. Regardless of what topic you discuss, the main emphasis should always be put on you, your personality, your traits, skills, achievements and everything that can show you as a great candidate.
  2. Just telling is not enough. You have to provide specific and detailed information that will help your reader create a clear image of who you are. This can be achieved by providing examples form your real life, logical reasons and other techniques of argumentative writing.
  3. Keep your own style. You need to speak out things with your own voice and show your authenticity. As the practice shows, the most attractive thing that admission officers find in candidates is sincerity, honesty, openness and capability of being authentic.
  4. Ask someone to proofread your paper when it is finished and to give some comments. This will help you find out your mistakes and improve your essay before it is too late.

Writing an essay for university application: Use professional help

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