University admission essay

Writing an essay for university application is not a big deal! This is what we say on, a place with professional essaywriters and helpers. Do you agree with us or not? We have a big experience in professional essaywritting and receiving positive feedbacks from our customers and now we want to share our rich experience here with you.

Basically, the idea of university application essay is very easy – you have to show that you are the best candidate for this university and that you have dreamt of becoming its student for a long time!

In order to reach this goal, you need to perform these 3 easy pro steps:

  • Explore about your university
  • Explore about your faculty and the professors who are working there
  • Adapt your skills and abilities presenting yourself.
Let’s analyze each step better having a more detailed look at it.

Step 1. Exploring about university

Find the webpage and check out the most important information like this:

  • When the University was founded?
  • What is your future faculty famous for?
  • What popular people studied here?
  • What are the most interesting facts about university?

With the help of this information you will show that you are interested in the university. Moreover, these facts will make you inspired, you can use these tips in your essay, showing that you have been dreaming about becoming its student for a long years.

Step 2. Getting to know the professors

This step is also important, as it personalize your university admission essay by mentioning exact people and referring to them or their books. You can write in your essay for example like this: “I want to be related to a profound research in the sphere of biology in my future university practice, and I got inspired after reading the book of Doc.Cooper, who is the leading professor of the faculty of Biology”.

Step 3. Adapting your skills

This step seems to be the easiest, but don’t rush to fast! Make a list of your best skills, write about some of your favorite works or published research papers and include them into your work. Show that you have a specific abilities, which are just perfect for the university.

You can strengthen your advantages by showing how you used them in your learning practice:

  •  Tell how you won any school competition
  •  Give an example of school positive practice
  • Introduce a school case and how you completed it
  • Tell about difficult group task, you faced during your school time

Top 5 ideas to start your university admission essay

  1. Show your passion and desire
  2. Show your rich goals
  3. Show your lively ambitions
  4. Show your future plans
  5. Show your profound knowledge
  6. Keeping yourself motivated

If you feel a lack of motivation, or thinking that you don’t have any special skills, FORGET ABOUT IT NOW! BETTER, go, take a piece of paper and answer these questions without thinking too much:

  1.  What do you like doing?
  2. What subjects do you like most of all at school?
  3. For what activities were you mostly praised by your teacher and parents?
  4. What is your 100 wish list for future and what are firs 10 positions?
  5. Are you feeling happy and satisfied right now, reading this questionnaire?

After finishing with these easy questions, try to combine your personal experiences, advantages and skills with your wishes and goals. Do they combine with each other well?

If you are feeling demotivated, it might have 2 basic reasons:

  1. You have chosen the wrong university/faculty (maybe forced by your friends’ or parents’ choice).
  2.  You are tired and you need to switch off your brain for some time, refocusing on a different subject. When you will be fresh, you can continue in your essaywritting.

Each problem has a solution

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