Types of essay: Be Inspired And Get Down To Work!

Types of essay… When it comes to essay writing or picking up among numerous types of essay, one can be super confused and start procrastinating about the work itself… But! You are extremely lucky to have found great platform, a place where one can find useful tips, professional help, and lots of cool advice, which will definitely make you inspired to begin your paper right away!

Types Of Essay: All Essays Have Something In Common

Actually, it is not so important, if you are preparing a romantic philosophical essay or heavy overwhelmed with facts historical one — no matter, which one from essay themes you would like to choose. All texts have some basic requirements, which should be followed in case you want to reach the goal and to prove the outlined idea.

Essay is a compact well-structured academic writing, which is aimed to discuss certain topic from different points of view and to defeat it in a special way.

Take a pencil and write down these basics, which should be considered in whatever academic writing one is working on:

  1. Text should show your personal attitude.
  2. Text ought to have a logical clear structure.
  3. Text should have different points of view.
  4. Writing style should be diverse.
  5. There should be no mistakes.

Our professional writers know all types of requirements, and you can easily turn to us in case of any question, doubt, or confusion!

Also be sure in these features:

  1. Exact facts, including names, dates, etc.
  2. 100% unique writing.
  3. The outlined topic is clearly defeated.

So now you are ready to meet the most spread academic writing types of 2019. Scroll down to check more!

Types of essay: Philosophical essays

Philosophical essay is a type of essay written about some philosophical question, showing exact field of Philosophy with a range of arguments. It might sound a bit frightening, as from one side, one has to show personal attitude to the question, but from the other side, one should avoid long story-telling sentences and vague facts.

So finding the balance between that would be the right solution!

Nonetheless, check out important features, which will help to create brilliant outstanding work.

Main Features

Speaking about this type of academic writing, the main features are these:

  • clear statement;
  • rich material background;
  • many exact quotations.

When you are just starting to get ready for your paper, be sure to have enough material, as the works of Philosophers, clear understanding of their views, and correct quotations. If you have chosen some topic, but still you feel that your arguments are not strong enough, better change the topic accordingly. Keep in mind, that Philosophy is quite relative science, there is no need to try opening any new ideas. The only aim is to be sharp in defining the thesis, that’s it.


Let’s see what structure differences can be outlined in this essay:

  1. Outline main problem, choose from one essay themes.
  2. Give a range of arguments.
  3. Show your personal judgement regarding true and false arguments.
  4. Think about possible objection and respond to it.
  5. Make a short summery of your research.

If you will follow these easy steps, you will definitely succeed in writing your work. Still, if you need more information, you can check our detailed article about philosophical essay here.

Types of essay: Art Essays

Art essay is basically a detailed narration about piece of art, like painting (painting essay in such case) or sculpture, as well as painter, architect, or designer, pointing out personal impression got from the masterpiece or the range of masterpieces or certain techniques.

If you want to get A+ for a writing about some art, get ready to switch on your imagination, because it will be like putting different details of a puzzle together, but as a result — your painting essay will be brilliant!

Structure TIPs

Basically, you can follow the standard structure as Beginning — Content — Conclusion, ideal for any essay, though you can also play with these parts by presenting them in a way you want. For example, conclusion can go first, followed then with a main body part totally omitting the beginning part. Such upside-down structure will make WOW effect grabbing the attention to the topic.

However, sometimes it happens, that you just have ABSOLUTELY no ideas in your head. Just ZERO. That’s no problem ,just follow these easy steps and inspiration will sooner or later appear:

Step 1. Prepare a little hand drawing, copying the painting. It will help you to determine the elements, which are attracting your attention, also in subconscious way. Note, that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it should be just a rough sketch.

Step 2. Make small under-writings of your emotions, observations, and ideas. This will be your graphical representation of the future essay, from here you can grab inspiration.

You can reveal such ideas as:

  1. The main character is beautiful / ugly / concerned about…
  2. Where is the light?
  3. What is the colour / shade contract?

Be sure to describe such elements as:

  • line;
  • light;
  • figure;
  • surface;
  • colour;
  • shape;
  • space;
  • texture;
  • surface plane.

Pay special attention to details, and bingo — your paper is ready to shine bright!

Step 3. Summering up. Make all your notes summarised. Evaluate your total impression, think about catching title. Remember, this type of essay primary shows your attitude and personal view, so feel free to give personal opinion with good number of arguments.

Art Essay Topics

If you are just about to start your work, check out some useful essay themes, maybe you’ll like some of them:

  1. African art.
  2. Roman art of particular venture.
  3. Renaissance beauty.
  4. Egyptian art.
  5. The impact of expressionists.
  6. Gothic and Neo-Gothic styles.
  7. The beauty of photography.
  8. XX century art.
  9. Neoclassical views.
  10. Analysis of a picture / artist.

Basically, pick up one of the listed art essay topics and add some personal motive, like overviewing Gothic style of architecture of old Paris during the reign of some dynasty. For sure such topic will work for you.

Types of essay: Historical Essays

History or historical essay is just another type of academic short research generally close to philosophical essays, aimed to uncover some particular event or a person of certain period of history of certain country and to show the impact and the results we have today thanks to that particular event or person.

So, if you are getting down to work on the historical essays, be sure to consider some key factors.

Basic Rules

First of all, choose the right topic. If you are simply given the question or a prompt, brainstorm some ideas to support your point.

Secondly, think at least about 3 strong statements to support your thesis.

Third, work on introduction and paragraph parts.

And last but not least, the conclusion. Don’t make it too long — just refer to the essay topic and make a short summary, introducing the results.

Important Elements

A winning historical essays would consist of basic structure, like the one mentioned above, and some key feature listed below:

  1. Show specific examples and discuss them thoroughly.
  2. Avoid using 1st person.
  3. Keep to official style.

Always keep in mind these details and your work will be excellent.

Spiritual — Religious Essays

Working on such types of essay, one should really think rather well about strong position and make a good research, before expressing personal ideas. Of course, both spiritual and religious essays are written in the same way from the point of structure, but the difficult part concerns the topic and the arguments to demonstrate. And well, they all have to be enough persuading, even though the other person might have completely opposite views.

Difference between spiritual and religious writing

There are many religions in the United States today, though one should not be religious to be spiritual. These two ideas are rather close, but yet they are different. Religion is something one can have thanks to family, or nationality, where as spirituality comes with life experience, and it goes far deeper than just a belief. Each person has own views regarding spirituality and they should be respected in any way.

Sill, dealing with religious essay, remember that it is mainly related to history, church, and traditions connected with culture. There are certain patterns, which are stable, so you can easily use them.

If you need to prepare a spiritual essay, then things go a bit more difficult. Define the topic, find some inspiring spiritual leader and show him or her as example. The important thing is to show, how your spiritual views have formed, what their basis was.

Some Useful Tips

If you have a task to prepare such essay, consider these TIPs:

  1. Are you (your family) religious and do you want to show it?
  2. What examples would you give? Are they persuading enough?
  3. What religious or spiritual leader inspires you and why?

Keep in mind, that this essay might sound too personal, that’s why try to keep straight to the topic omitting useless or too emotional details.

Types of essay
5 Major types of essay

Types of essay: Literary Critical Essays

Defining critical essay, one should pay attention to its evaluation part, giving personal view and interpretation. Usually it concerns some literature piece.

Getting ready to deal with that academic writing is easy, but one should get ready with some issues beforehand.

What To Remember

Critical paper will show not only your attitude to some piece, but also your ability to use correct language, determine statements, and express inner believes. Critical essays can sometimes go far beyond only critical writing thing. It might give your some freedom in expressing yourself, having features from historical and philosophical essays in fact. That’s why to make it great, keep in mind these things:

  • Study the literature piece thoroughly
  • Find some critical works, decide which opinion you support and why
  • Make connections with modern days or society
  • Show critical point and defend it

Remember, that critical work is aimed at the mature audience, so keep to the official style. Also you are free to express any news, just pay attention that they will not be “too much” shocking. To express really outstanding opinion, one should have some real weight in literature circles.


In fact, here you can play with the structure depending on what aim you would like to reach. You can totally mix up all the structure or relate it to your thesis — all ways would be acceptable as soon as you see your point.

Types of essay: How to choose the right type of essay

Before starting to choose your topic from various essay themes, answer these questions:

  1. Do you have enough material?
  2. What are the requirements of the task / exam / institution?
  3. What style is the most preferable?
  4. How much are you free to express yourself?
  5. Should it be more personal or more research paper?

According to these statements, you can easily decide, which one from different types of essay to choose.

Types of essay: What to read on the essay topics

There is no exact answer, what to read! As far as there are many types of essay, one can find tons of literature!

Probably a good advice would be to turn to classics, check out critical literature, and generally to read books. Thos will make your more aware of your reading and writing skills, widen scope and as a result, you will be full of ideas for any possible essay!

But remember, that you can always turn to us — turn to professional essay writers and day-in-day helpers! Don’t hesitate, we are happy to share our experience!