The best essay for admission to US University and 7 Cliche’s to avoid

Education plays a big role in our lives, but not all the people can afford it or simply too nervous to make necessary steps. So, if you want to study in prestigious university you need to learn how to write a good essay for admission. Take it seriously, as it might become your lucky ticket for successful future!

In order to share our great experience, the EssayPro team, which is the best essay service among USA essay writers, is happy to share some greats tips to make you inspired. In this article you will know more about writing, main rules and general useful information. If you will follow these rules, we guarantee that you will have the best work ever!

So check out some sticking topics to start with if you are getting ready with essay for admission.

Essay for admission: Volunteer project for the US educational institution

First of all, you should understand what you want to write, depending on the volunteer project you want to take part in. If you don’t know essay subject you need to learn about topic in books, internet or check out our blog here.

Basically, there is no exact answer, what to read and where to find this information. As far as there are many types of essay, one can find tons of literature! Probably a good advice would be to turn to classics, check out critical literature and generally to read books, making references to preferred volunteer program.

Keep in mind that helping people is important, so highlight your volunteer ideas in your work. Show to the committee that you have unique experience and that you love to help people, that you are responsible and not indifferent to other people’s problems.

Family Professional Reference When Writing An Essay for admission To US University

When you are entering the university in the USA, you can also mention the profession of your parents, if it intersects with the specialty for which you want to apply. It is very interesting to demonstrate how the family roots are connected throughout your life, especially if you are planning to continue family research and study.

Even the family is connected to other field, you can mention it — it can add you a few points.

Overcoming sports injury in the center of an essay for US university

People struggle with many problems: someone writes in essay about difficult childhood and poverty, someone narrates about serious illness which they were able to overcome, and someone writes about survived sports injury.

Sports injury is always a hard talk for the person, that’s why if you share such experience, you will reveal your personality. What is more, it will show that you are a strong person and this challenge has not broken you. Often not all the people survive trauma and find energy and faith move on.

Description Of The National Disaster In The Introductory Essay For The Us University

One of other strategies is turning to the description of national disaster of catastrophe.

This method will allow you to catch the attention and to show your personality, your thoughts and emotions right away. Still it is important to avoid such cliché as simply writing whether it was good or bad.

Mention the fact of catastrophe and revel why it happened in your opinion and how it might be avoided in future. This will help you to show your critical thinking.

The story about some trip, in which is shown the difficult life and struggle of young people from poor social classes

Sometimes applicants write essays on how they helped poor people from different parts of the United States, for example, they build houses, collect things, or provide material assistance. This is of course important, the ability to help other people, but when the applicant writes an essay on this topic, they begin to devalue the problems of the people of poorer social classes. Helping other people shows how to be a good person, but also reveals your deep personality to committee.

Try to avoid being too pathetic, trying to show all people suffering, or simply being too strong in your ideas. This is a common cliché to be avoided.

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Description of sport success in essay for admission to US University

When you write about your sport achievements there is a possibility that the members of committee are not familiar with your sport, so be sure to explain easy and understandable all key features.

These question will help you to make a short plan about your sport:

  1. What is it about?
  2. How long have you been practicing it?
  3. Why have you chosen this sport?
  4. What goals are you planning to archive?

Simply answer these questions, outlining your goals and for sure your work will stand out among the others.

The story about the role model in the essay for entrance committee of US university

Essay can play really great role in your life, proving that you are the best candidate for the program. With its help, admissions committee tries to evaluate your skills, experience, and motivation to become the part of study program.

Remember, thousands of applicants have the same points for exams, grades, and it is the essay that distinguishes you and reveals your personality. In addition, the essay shows how you can present yourself, analyze information, and communicate with other people in writing.

Generally speaking, with all your thoughts, writing style, and language use you will present your role model, which will be analyzed by committee.

Honesty really matters for essay for US

The main idea of your essay is to be honest. Sometimes you can write interesting facts in your paper, but if it is not true, it`s better not mentioning it. Lie never works for you.

Moreover, the most difficult thing is choosing a topic. The wrong choice of a topic might lead to many lies and unreal facts, which are no good! That is why we suggest you to spend time to find the best topic and to start reveling yourself.

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