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English essay is a very popular type of work among university and college students. It is quite universal and does not depend on the chosen discipline. In all subjects of the curriculum, sometimes teachers require the implementation of this type of written work. Unlike large and voluminous research and scientific works, the essay allows you to fully express your point of view and substantiate your solution to the problem in a small amount.

Many students are very worried when they learn about the upcoming essay. As a rule, students lack the skills and copyright abilities to do this written work the first time without errors. The fact is that the essay has a number of requirements that are specific to this type of work.

To master them you need to have theoretical knowledge and sincere determination. Then it’s easy for you to write an essay. We will tell you how to plan an essay and how to correctly express your thoughts in such a work. You will also learn what the basic principles of a structured essay are. Moreover, recommendations for how to objectively express your independent opinion in essay in English will be useful to you.

What should be a quality and attractive essay

In most cases, an essay is perceived as a work that has a free composition. In the foreground in such work is always the originality of the presentation and style of the author’s thoughts. It is here that you show your level of knowledge, competencies, and emotions. We can confidently say that the essay does not have a rigid framework and clear rules.

But this does not mean that for the essay there are no rules and recommendations on the structure. Let’s see how the essay should be built. First of all, it involves a specific wording of the topic and a small amount. As a rule, this is not more than 300-500 words. All works of a larger format already represent a different type of work.

The essay does not have strict rules on where to start and how to end the written work. Usually, in the beginning, some kind of thesis or hypothesis is put forward. Then you express your position on this issue, note its relevance and significance. It is also necessary to indicate the purpose of the work and what you want to get as a result, what you want to come to in the end in essay in English.

Further, the main part of the work should contain arguments. The most optimal number of arguments is 3-4. More arguments will already interfere with concentrating the reader on the problem in question and focusing on the main idea of ​​the text. Your basic idea should be supported by weighty arguments and facts.

It is also very important to observe the logical connection in the text. You cannot insert snippets of texts from other people’s sources and pass off these thoughts as your own. Go from section to section smoothly and without sharp jumps from one thought to another. Be consistent rational. At the same time, this essay is still a work of authorship and it should have a subjective character. Therefore, some emotionality and openness will be just in place.

English essay: Secrets to Success

The discipline by which you perform this work has a great influence on the essay. In addition to the topic, it is very important to choose the appropriate genre and type of essay. It can be narrative, artistic, philosophical, historical. These are just some types of essays that you can use. Also, the essay style can be analytical, critical and descriptive. It all depends on the goal that you set when writing this work.

To make your essay interesting to read and useful:

  • Use as many details as possible. This is some kind of evidence, statistics, numbers and research results. Facts and accurate information always attract attention and make your research more objective. At the same time, your opinion becomes more objective and supported by specific facts.
  • Forget about long and boring intros. Come up with a shorter and simpler introduction at the beginning of the essay. Also, avoid typical phrases and clericalism. Simplicity and originality — this is what is most valuable. So you will create your own unique author’s style in English essay.
  • Try to use short sentences with useful information. A long story brings boredom and takes away all the desire to read the work to the end. A light presentation without complicated formulations is what you need.
  • Do not overload the text. Yes, the information should be useful and practically applicable. But you do not need to use all scientific terms and formulations from encyclopedias. Your presentation should be easy and understandable. Then people will easily perceive your essay visually.

These short recommendations will come in handy for writing an essay on any subject. Believe us, your teachers will appreciate the professionalism and serious approach. Do not forget the most important thing: this work reflects you as a person because in the essay your position should be fully disclosed and supported by arguments. Then success will be yours!

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