Motivation letter to the university: how to write

What can be more challenging than entering dream University? At EssayPro  we know how it is important demonstrating the highest level of motivation, creativity, and honesty for committee. And guess where it all starts? Right, in your motivation letter. So let’s find out together, how to make your personality shy bright and to get enrolled to dream Institution almost without any significant efforts. Well, almost without any.

Motivation letter requirements

 If you finally made up your mind and ready to start writing a motivational letter — which is already a big step — congratulations! But remember that it is not a free writing novella, it is targeted paper which aim is to show that your candidacy is the best among the others. So look through the basic requirements  of motivation letter structure which suit any university:

  1. Follow the logical structure. As it will be the first thing, which your committee will see, they should clearly get the idea, who you are, what your background is and what the aims are. It is important keeping strictly to the logical paragraphs, so you will correctly demonstrate personal attitude and desire to be enrolled.
  2. Choose correct words. Use official style, avoiding using complex or confusing sentences. Try using easy and smooth language, not overwhelmed with difficult words
  3. Use strong arguments. That means, you should give strong proofs that you are the best candidate and impress committee. Discuss with your friends what features they see in you as the strongest ones. It might be very useful should make a small survey — believe us, you will know may useful things about yourself!
  4. Avoid vague facts. Do not use any information, in which you are unsure. Carefully check all dates, facts, digits, etc. so in case you can proof the information. Beside, the ability to use precise correct facts shows your profound expertise in certain field. That will be a big bonus for you.
  5. Check for mistakes. Everyone knows this is necessary, but somehow forgets about it. After you have checked the final version, ask your friends to look it through. Double check is never a bad thing.

*Your key to success: be sure in yourself, in your choice, and demonstrate it with vivid language!

Depending on what university you are planning to enter, the specific requirements can vary. Be sure to visit university official web page and to study all information carefully.

Determine the structure of your motivation letter

In fact, determining the structure is not that difficult. Any essay has a typical plan, which is:

  • Introduction part.
  • Main Body.
  • Conclusion part.

Let’s fast look through main tips in each section.

Introduction part

Don’t make this section too big: 3-5 sentences will be enough. Tell few words about yourself, your school background. Make a clear statement of your goal to be enrolled to the University and exact Faculty / Study Program.

Main Body

This part should be very well-structured. First of all, make a list of your strong features and choose 3-5 the best which can demonstrate your outstanding future student qualities. Then go  straightly forward:

  1. Explain, why you have chosen EXACTLY this Faculty or Study Program.
  2. Outline your best qualities, showing that with the help of University program you can grow as a super skilled professional.
  3. Mention extra experience, like taking part in conferences, forums, having some works published, etc.


Conclusion can be short, just making reference to the beginning outlining that you would like to have the answer to your application letter. One can finish the letter with these phrases:

Waiting to hearing from you — in case, you want to “stimulate” receiving feedback


Sincerely yours — in case of righting a personal letter addressed to exact professor, you will get “closer” with him


Kind regards — in case you want to remain completely in the terms of official style.

So this will be ideal structure example to use. You can create your own, but try to avoid making it too complicated. The committee should just have a fast look through and understand all your ideas.

Identify your career goals and describe them

When people are entering University, they are doing it for some reasons. Some people want to be scientists or work over some research, but the greater number of people are doing it solely for career purposes: future students want to become lawyers, IT specialists, teachers, etc. If you recognise in these people yourself, be ready to proof your loyalty to your future profession! And your future University as well!

Get ready with this task, look through these suggestions:

  • Explain your Faculty / Program choice.
  • How you would like to work for the people, society, and your country. You can go further and write what can you do for the mankind in general if you have some super global goals.
  • Determine 3 main goals and explain them with vivid short examples.
  • Explain how education at this (great / outstanding / place some depictive adjective) can help to achieve your goals.

So summering up, this is like a basis of your motivation letter structure so you can keep main ideas in front of you while writing the text.

motivation letter
How to write a well-structured motivation letter to the university US

Career plan: what to do?

If you are that type of person, who already have exact ideas about the career, don’t be shy and describe them while writing a motivational letter. No need to write long stories, it is enough to outline main points and to emphasise, how university can help you.

If you are not 100% sure (relax, almost every second person is like this), try to be loyal with yourself and imagine — what future would make you happy? Check out these questions, probably, they will not determine your future, but for sure they will be useful to find the right path:

  1. Do you want to work in a small company / big corporation?
  2. Do you want to have personal business?
  3. What are your strongest points?
  4. What are your weakest points?
  5. What is your dream profession?
  6. What are the most valuable features for you in any work / business? Growth? Money? Career opportunities? Communication?
  7. Do you like changes or prefer more stable life?
  8. Do you like working by yourself or prefer delegating work?
  9. Describe your ideal day/house/place?
  10. What amount of money would you like to earn?

While answering to these questions, don’t think too much — let your ideas just flow. After making such type of free writing you will definitely have some impressive ideas! Use them and determine career plan!

If you meet problems writing about yourself, which actually is commons problem no worries — visit our guide which will help you to start!

Tell about your qualities, skills and achievements

One can’t deny that you should stand out from others. To do that you should demonstrate yourself as a perfect candidate. For this reason this part should be short but strong. No need to write a philosophical essay or ode to your great personality. Follow this shortcut.

  1. Start with determining your 3 strong professional features
  2. Choose good examples which can show how you implemented mentioned features in projects
  3. Choose one key feature and make a strong proof.
  4. If while reading these lines you are thinking that you don’t actually have any special abilities or skills — we will have to say you are wrong! Check our help list and choose which suit.

Help list

Qualities: creative, sense of humour, problem solving, flexibility, intelligence, friendliness, leadership, enthusiasm, independence, out-of-box-thinking, honesty, reliability, code knowledge,

Skills: computer skills, organisation / management / logistic skills, presentation or speaking skills, creative thinking, negotiation skills, teamwork, attention to details, willingness to learn and explore new horizons, ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines,

Achievements: took part in competitions, conferences, forums, summer schools, additional courses, created multi functional teams, volunteering, other impressive experiences.

If these still is not enough, just google 500 impressive skills — and pick up anything you like! Just switch on your imagination.

Why are you interested in this program and university?

This part means showing your attitude to the University, Faculty or certain professors. As mentioned before, it is a good idea to check all information carefully beforehand and implement it organically in your essay. Just pick up some useful facts, make references to some interesting facts.

Don’t be shy to write good words about your future Alma Mater. Demonstrate that you sincerely admire the history and dream about being its student.

On the other hand, don’t be too pathetic. Mention 1-2 interesting facts and it will be enough just to show that you have prepared for your entrance motivation letter well enough.

Fold all parts of the essay

If you have reached to this point, congratulation, as 80% of the long way are done!

So now you only need to collect all parts together and see what you have as a result.

You can try different test variations or even different structures. Just be sure to make several sketches which you can work with. As a result, you will have only one, which will be perfect.

In case, you want to write your paper fast, check our great know-how here.

Check and edit the motivation letter

When you are ready with final version, which is enough polished, it is time make final check. Send your draft to your friends or print out it and follow this plan:

  • Logical mistakes
  • Motivation letter structure
  • Correct facts, dates, and names
  • Smooth language (no jargon words)
  • Grammar and punctuation

Also, ask for the feedback from your friends, does the text sound enough persuading? If you have the positive answer from your friends, bu sure the answer from University will be positive as well!

We will help if you want to be sure of your motivational essay

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