Essay Writing and Brainstorming

Brainstorming always gives you the best solutions. In general, the process of generating new ideas, let alone brilliant people, directly depends on the type of people. Some types of personality are more likely to speculate in silence, and they do not need one or two days and even more than a few hours or minutes. Such people need much more time in order to give out as a result of work a new way of solving an urgent problem. In addition, this approach is more deliberate and corresponds to process-oriented individuals.

This does not mean at all that the result is not important to such a person and he does not strive for it. Just for him, the process of achieving the goal is more important than the implementation of a complex task. However, even such a difference from people focused on a specific result allows them to work no worse, and sometimes even better. But now we want to say that for 80% of people the most powerful incentive to generate ideas is a stressful situation.

Yes, it is stress that acts as a motivator in order to create something new in a short period. Brainstorming creates these conditions that provoke a quicker reaction in people and increase the speed of thinking. In the mode of limited time and the conditions that in any case, a person must give some kind of result, sets a rigid framework in which it is necessary to act. And for the brain, this is the most important thing. Strict conditions and a time limit are what our brain needs to work more productively.

Remember, teachers often used this technique at school. Students are divided into several teams, give some kind of assignment, and timekeeping. For example, after 10 minutes, each team must present a finished project and present it to the whole class. And the team that created the best project received the highest score. And during the development of ideas, students are always vividly, cheerfully and energetically come up with something new and show excellent results.

Essay Writing and Brainstorming: how to apply in writing works

So, we have already mentioned that active teamwork in a short period can conquer any peaks. But how does this technique work when a student needs to write a research project? The situation is the same, but with its characteristics. When we work as a team, we feel part of something big and significant. We feel that we are putting a piece of our knowledge and experience into a common cause. But at the same time, we share personal responsibility with other members of the team and always know that other members of the group will help us.

Another thing is when you have to do the written work alone. Here, all responsibility rests entirely with your shoulders. You have no one to help because you are left alone with your thoughts. And the result should be, no matter what. Our service will help you choose essay topics 2019 that will facilitate your work process. After all, when you understand what you write about and have a good command of the topic, then success will be close.

The most important thing is that when performing a task of this format you will have certain requirements for writing work and a limited amount of time. Therefore, you need to gather your courage, stop worrying and start writing. It’s not worth every 5 minutes to remember how much time is left until the end of the essay. But at the same time, try to control this moment, otherwise, you risk not having time to write the work to the end. And you need to add everything to the final phrase, otherwise, the structure of the essay will not be completed.

Brainstorming and essay topics 2019: how to choose the most suitable

Now you know that success in the essay lies not only in your ability to express your thoughts but also in how correctly you approached the choice of topic. Choosing it just like that, poking a finger at random is the worst option. So you will generally be poorly guided in the matter under consideration and will not gain the right amount of points. Your goal now is to show what you are capable of.

How to choose a theme

Let’s understand:

  1. First, write down the areas of discipline in which you need to write an essay. Ideally, you should make a shortlist of at least 5-6 sample questions that we can answer in detail. To create this list, you will have to think carefully and allocate 30 minutes in order to avoid mistakes.
  2. Among the sample areas of discipline, you can write 5 topics for each of them. After this selection stage, you should already select 2 topics from each section to write essay online 2019. Believe us, you will narrow your list of questions and you will be able to choose a win-win option.
  3. You should also pay attention to the problems that the media today discuss most in the world. As a rule, these questions concern the economy, finance, foreign policy and the latest trends in modern medicine. If you touch on one of these aspects in your essay, then you will hit the living.

The main thing for any essay is that you should highlight the most relevant and interesting, which can attract the attention of the reader and especially professors at a university or college. Give preference to topics that are interesting not only to the public but also specifically for you. In another case, the reader will not be able to feel your sincerity.

Essay online 2019: how to find out your type of thinking

Before creating special conditions for your brain to work more efficiently, you must understand what type of person you are. Before you practice actively developing ideas in a special period, do a little experiment. Come up with some kind of task and set a timer, for example, for 5 minutes. Imagine that you have one opportunity to do everything right now or never.

After 5 minutes have passed, evaluate your feelings. You liked it or you felt very uncomfortable. Did you manage to come up with an original idea or solution to a problem by the end of the experiment? If everything worked out for you, then brainstorming is your format for completing assignments, and you can safely use it for an essay!