All Essay Topics: Essay Types And Structure

All Essay Topics

When you are getting ready to write some academic writing, you might get really shocked with a number of all essay topics which exists! Narrative essay or philosophical research, descriptive essay or critical article? What are the difference between them? How to choose a right topic? What is causal analysis? And finally, how to get down to work?

When one faces all these overwhelming questions, one might have a wish to postpone the work till tomorrow or better till next week or better till …Well, when is the actual deadline? We know how it works pretty well, as we have more then 1,000,000 essays written already by now. EssayPro is a team of professional writers, knowing their business pretty well and can prepare any type of essay needed.

Thanks to our rich experience, we are happy to prepare some useful tips, which will clear out the essay topic for you once and forever. Be ready to make notes.

All Essay Topics: Descriptive Essay

Our list of all essay types is opened with descriptive essays, which are among the most popular today. When it comes to describing a person, landscape, picture, etc., we are dealing with this essay type. Basically, both structure and topics are connected with the idea to prove the deep meaning of the title.

Main Features and Basic Structure

One should remember, that the academic writing related to description of any object should have following features:

  1. Clear and precise style.
  2. Descriptive manner.
  3. Use of different human senses.

The main aim is to make a vivid mental picture, which can cause different feelings, making the reader to see, feel, or hear something in order to reach strong effect and to defend the outlined statement.

Referring to structure, one should pay attention to the main part: it can have a number of small paragraphs. This method will help to make a graphical representation of your thoughts and create a more impressive description.

Popular Topics

Here is the overlook of the most popular topics to use in your work, grouped accordingly.

Essays about people:

  1. Make a detailed description of friends / relatives.
  2. Write about the person who inspires you (actor, singer, politic, etc.).
  3. Speak about your boyfriend / girlfriend, explaining why he/she is so important to you.

Essays about location:

  1. Think about the best place / city you have ever been to.
  2. Describe home / flat.
  3. Explain how to reach certain location.

Essays about emotions:

  1. Speak about some memories which cause happiness / pain / other strong emotions.
  2. Describe your visit to foreign country / place.
  3. Write about your biggest fear.

Essays about object:

  1. Describe the living room / childhood toy / interesting book.
  2. Write about your favorite building.
  3. Speak about the most expensive painting.

You see, the scope of descriptive styles is rather wide! So what you should do is just follow these easy steps:

  1. Chose the topic you like most of all.
  2. Create a catchy title.
  3. Prepare a rough sketch.
  4. Put all ideas into logical structure.
  5. Polish everything.

Easy? Yes, of course! Just be determined to cope with it making all the steps carefully and for sure the work will be successful!

Narrative Essay

One of the most spread of all essays types is of course narrative one. Here you should share your personal experience, telling reader some story, experience, memory, etc. Usually it looks like a short story, actively interacting with reader.

How To Make Perfect Structure

Frankly speaking, in case of standard narration, it is highly recommend to use classic structure:

  • introduction;
  • main part;
  • conclusion.

This type is always winning one, as it makes a clear statement, a clear defense in the main part, and a logical conclusion with a reference to introduction part.

TOP 5 Topics

As far as one can choose among 1 000 000 topics in narrative style, we would like to mention some really cool examples which might inspire for a good work:

  1. Personal experience.
  2. Morality.
  3. Relationships.
  4. Childhood.
  5. Travelling.

So just go ahead, taking one of these topics and think about really unique experience which you would like to share with others, which would teach some lesson or reveal some new features of character.

Definition Essay

Definition essay’s aim is to make a clear statement supported by such arguments that no more options or doubts regarding the subject might be possibly left. In other words, you have to write your own definition of the word or object, supported by undeniable facts.

Building Up The Structure

Working on definition essay, be sure to make the statement clear and to give reasonable arguments from different fields.

These features should be paid attention to:

  1. Rhetorical style.
  2. Strong thesis and it’s definition.
  3. Logical and persuading manner.

Taking into consideration above mentioned factors, structure should be centered around the concept. You can check our these questions:

  1. What is the word definition by different vocabularies?
  2. Show different aspects.
  3. Give examples based on your life experience.
  4. Give a good bunch of arguments.
  5. Start with a rhetoric question.

Remember, that structure depends on your thesis. One can use the upside-down structure, introducing different aspects of the outlined idea. It is good strategy to use short paragraphs, which express finished arguments.

Choosing striking topics

Definition essay always are related with some philosophical questions and they give a certain level of freedom in expressing personal views. For this reason the topics might be super different, here are some the most popular and easy to defend:

  1. How can you explain love / hate / friendship as a feeling?
  2. What is a good friend to you?
  3. What does it mean to be a generous person?
  4. Why should we care about other people?
  5. What is loneliness?

In fact, one can choose to speak about any concept starting with words like What / Why / When / How, as it states the thesis right away. Check out 100+ our best topics here!

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All essay topics and types of essay — quality narrative essay and others

Classification Essay

This essay type is not so widely spread. Usually it is necessary to sort some categories, explaining why they are grouped in a specific way. The important factor is to make the classification clear and support it with logical statements.

Creating Effective Writing

As any other essay, this one has its particular features, which one has to take into account.

  1. Categories should be logical.
  2. All groups should have clear organization principle.
  3. Find good examples.
  4. Use classification transitions like the first type, the second type, the third type.

Just keep in mind these factors, working on each paragraph.

Moving up to the structure, you can use classical one. However, check out the plan below, which might help you to finish with your work faster.

Step 1. Determine groups.

Step 2. Think about unified classification principle.

Step 3. Support each group with strong examples.

Step 4. Make a summary.

Of course, be sure to use relevant examples and not to overwhelm the writing.

 All Essay Topics: Classification

In fact, topics can cover almost any sphere, where there is a need to make up logical groups. For example, you can use such topics as:

  • Countries or cities classification (by territory, popularity, etc.).
  • Most popular books of XX century.
  • Classification of plants of special region.
  • Classification essay about books of certain author.
  • Types of existing digital algorithms.

Comparative Essay

The aim of such writing is to show two or more statements comparing them between each other. Usually based on the made comparison, there is some deep thought to reveal.

Features and Structure

As the main goal is to compare two or more items, just focus on the features they have in common. After analyzing this statement, turn to the main differences.

It is very important to outline the basis of comparison, which can be put in title.

Nonetheless, the ideal structure would be one with developed main part, analyzing similarities, differences and making the conclusions about them.

  Comparative Essay Topics

In comparative essay you might be asked to compare for example such categories as:

  1. Theories.
  2. Exact figures or statistics.
  3. Texts.
  4. Events.

The list is very long, and you can compare anything – picking up any concept you like, just be sure to have some basic common thing among the items.

Illustration Essay

This genre is rather rare comparable to others. When writing illustration essay, you should enterer situation / object by proving everything with examples and details, so the topic can be understood better. In other words, the writing should have the elements of both narration and vivid depiction at the same time.

 Basic Writing TIPS

Working on illustration essay means switching on your imagination to maximum level. It is important to demonstrate the idea vividly, using different types of description.

Useful Ideas For Topics

One will get the basic idea bout illustration essays if we will list some topics to pick up. As all essays, these ones refer to exact sphere and describe the problem connected with it.

  1. Work and Career Plans.
  2. Studies.
  3. Communication.
  4. Family and friends.
  5. Future goals.

In fact, it is enough to choose any essay topic you want, from any sphere – and be ready to make a good illustration of it. If you have succeed to create a impressive picture, the job is done!

All Essay: Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay states the position and defends the issue by giving several reasons to persuade the outlined statement is correct.

Some Writing Basics

In order to start working on such type of essay, use some questions to test yourself and to test the argument:

  1. Is it true or false?
  2. What are the main reasons?
  3. Is it important and to whom?
  4. What are the logical connections with other patterns?

These questions will help to check if the statement is strong enough. The topic can be chosen using the same questions, just by disclaiming them in the headline.

Useful Ideas For all Essay Topics

As topic examples, you can try some of these:

  1. Situation: Your vision.
  2. Value: How is it represented?
  3. Fact: You attitude to it and why?
  4. Person: Good or bad?
  5. Behavior: What it happened?

All Essay: Causal Analysis

Causal analysis is a big topic, however, let’s make a short overview how to work with it.

First of all, it is meant to find out why the things are as they are, searching for reasons, behaviors, character peculiarities, etc.

The main principle is to ask WHY and to find causal reasons and to provide them.

EssayPro – Your Causal Analysis

So these are the main essay topic, which will help you to create a great work. Otherwise turn to us anytime – our professional essay writers will choose the right type, right style, and right statement! Get your ideal work done right away with us!